A welcome banner.  The word 'welcome' is written in glittery bubble letters, fading from orange to pink.  There is a man's head to the left of it.  He is smiling with his mouth open.  He has cartoonishly large eyes with three long eyelashes, which are closed in a relaxed way.  He has wavy brown hair tied back with a salmon colored hair tie, and his bangs are pinned to the side by a pink clip.  He is wearing small, dark purple sunglasses.  He has slight stubble and faint bags under his eyes.  The rest of his body is not visible.  The letter W in 'welcome' has a small point coming out of the lower left, pointing towards his mouth like a speech bubble, to indicate that he's the one saying it.

Hey! I'm Kerry David, also known as Orange Carnation! I'm an artist, streamer, and game developer who also dabbles in music!

You can find my portfolio, commission info, and more in the navigation bar above. This site will also serve as the home for whatever other little pages I need to make, like short stories, content warnings, and so on!


Many minor tweaks are made all the time, but the latest substantial update is...
3/29/2024 - moreeee stuff in my portfoliooooooo YAY

A simple drawing of a clown, levitating an envelope in the air.  The words 'Contact Me' are written in red letters above it.


A small grey button that reads 'This is an Anti-NFT site' next to pixel art of a PC tower, a desktop window, and a small flame, behind a red slashed-out circle. Button reading 'Web 14', a la tv ratings- this website is for teens and up!

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Orange button reading 'Orange Carnation' Orange button with occasional yellow sparkles reading 'Orange Carnation'