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An illustration of the main character and Elby from Snip Snip Snippy.  The designs are different from the ones they have in the game itself, most noticeably in the main character.  The main character is lanky and has purple skin with teal undertones, scribbled out eyes, no visible nose, short flippy hair with a thin cowlick, and simple dangling earrings that are teal with purple shading.  They're wearing a teal long-sleeved shirt that has its collar much closer to their neck, turqouise short-shorts, knee-high purple socks, and sneakers of a slightly lighter purple.  Elby is fat and has dark skin, short dark green hair with dark yellow shadows which points forward at the bottom rather than to the sides, big cartoony eyes with eyelashes pointing up, a hooked nose, and no visible mouth.  She is wearing a bright yellow with bright green shadows short-sleeved shirt than hangs low on her shoulders to show the straps of a grey undershirt, a dark grey skirt over tight grey shorts just slightly longer than the skirt, and dark grey slip shoes.  The two of them are sitting on a concrete wall in front of some fenced-off bushes.  The main character has an aloof posture, head propped on one hand, one leg hiked up on the edge of the wall, looking nowhere in particular.  Elby is tearing up and twiddling her thumbs, one leg crossed over the other, shoulders hunched, looking up and away from the main character like she's thinking.  The image is mostly covered by a dark purple overlay save for the highlights, which are a soft light yellow.  The whole image has a faint chromatic aberration filter applied to it. An illustration of a river in a forest clearing, with a girl kneeling by the water.  The water is light pink and comes from a waterfall on the left edge of the picture.  The girl has light brown skin, short curly hair fading from dark brown to deep red, and long, pointy ears.  She wears a purple dress that fades to pink towards the bottom of the skirt with a pink stone on her chest.  She looks down at her blurry reflection in the water with a surprised expression and a tear in her eye.  The grass around the riverbank is short and on the blue-ish side of green.  There are bushes not far from the river with deep magenta leaves.  Among the bushes are green ferns and trees with muddy red bark.  There are bushes, ferns, and trees in the foreground, as well as extending into the background, getting darker as it gets further away from the camera, until it's too dark to see.  There is sunlight filtering into the clearing from the upper left, serving as the only light source. A blocky painting of a woman with exaggerated, cartoonish proportions.  Most of her face is obscured by a large, four-fingered hand, except for a large eye, which is giving a thousand-yard stare past the camera.  Her hair is wavy and frazzled.  Most of her body is obscured by her large arms and legs as she curls in on herself, but parts of a dress can be seen, with one strap falling off one of her shoulders.  Her nails have light yellow nailpolish.  Her legs have some patches of dirt scattered over them.  The painting is mainly orange, getting redder where it's darker, but is yellow where it's lighter.  There is a cone of light coming from above and behind her.  All of the outlines are roughly painted. Another illustration of the main character and Elby from Snip Snip Snippy, now with their newer designs.  The main character has a long-sleeved shirt that rises lower on the shoulders and is considerably lower on one side than the other this time.  The bottom of Elby's hair points to the sides this time, and her hair is darker overall.  The two of them are sitting on the floor of Elby's living room, on top of a couple blankets, with three chairs around them, two of which are knocked on their sides.  There are glow-in-the-dark stars on the wall, and a dark doorway in the back, and not many other decorations visible.  Elby has her hands folded in her lap, with her head tilted down just enough for her bangs to obscure her eyes.  The main character has their back to the camera and is turning to face Elby, one hand slightly raised, as if thinking about reaching out to her.  The whole thing is cel-shaded and has orange undertones to it, like the sun is rising. Two rough sketches of a logo for a fictional establishment, and one cleaner, colored version.  The first rough sketch features a round cat head with fluffy fur, tufts of hair coming off his forehead, round simple eyes, and a Garfield-esque mouth, winking and sticking his tongue out with a smile.  It's next to the words 'Harry Hairballs's Funzoneria' written inside an oval.  The second rough sketch has a much more simplified, sleeker version of the first cat, akin to more modern cartoons, winking and smiling with his mouth wide open, and the text simply reads 'your text here'.  There is a check mark next to the second sketch.  Written in parentheses between these two sketches are the words 'concept sketches'.  The colored logo is a more cleaned up version of the second sketch.  The cat is now tan with some brown stripes, a capital H in the middle of the forehead similar to the M-like mark often seen on the foreheads of tabby cats, and his eyes are now colored green.  The text again reads 'Harry Hairballs's Funzoneria', but now the word 'Funzoneria' is awkwardly broken into two lines with a hyphen after 'Funzon'.  The amount of free space gives the impression this was intentional.  The oval behind everything is white with a thick yellow band around the edge, and a thinner yellow oval drawn a little ways within the white, like a dip in certain plates.  In parentheses below this version is written 'cleaner logo used for demo purposes, not quite final'. Art of the character Cherry from my game, Snip Snip Snippy.  She is a young woman with long hair, long bangs, long rectangular strands of hair in front of her shoulders, a short-sleeved shirt with a peter pan collar, a high-waisted skirt, thigh-high socks, mary jane shoes, a high-wasted short skirt, and a simple black choker around her neck.  She is sitting on the floor with her legs folded up in front of her.  One hand is on her face with her fingers spread to let her eye look through, and the other is gripping one of the long strands of hair that goes over her shoulder.  She has a frazzled expression with gritted teeth.  The drawing is mainly colored dark red with even darker red shading, except a bright green heart over where her heart would be, and green light is emanating from here.  There is slight chromatic aberration, just to the colors. A full-color painting of Filbo from Bugsnax.  He is sitting on a log next to the campfire in the middle of Snaxburg at night.  The bottom of the research tent can be seen behind him, and it appears to not be open.  He's wearing his Mayor sash and looking at the fire with a sad and somewhat thoughtful expression, paws idly held together as his arms dangle in front of him.  The fire almost seems to be the only source of light.

More images will be added to better reflect my full range, I mostly just wanted to make sure this page works properly for the time being.