A looping gif of a cartoony house, smoke coming out the chimney, curtain opening and closing, under the word 'Home'.

I wanna give this game a unique page! I have very little to put on it right now though. Enjoy these building blocks, fucker!
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[portrait] You

This is who you are in this world! You moved away a few years back for college, but rent in the city is harsh, and you've got a paid off family home with your name on it.

[portrait] Elby

One of your childhood friends! She's bubbly, she's kind of a scaredy cat, she goes quiet for concerning amounts of time, she dumps bright colors all over everything- y'know, the works.

[portrait] Cherry

Another one of your childhood friends! She used to be a whole lot more expressive which seems to have changed since you left, but she still shows off her big wild underbelly when you two are alone.

[portait] Bevelyne

Cherry's mother. Worse than you remember.

Snip Snow Snip - a wintery side story set the year before you moved away

april fools!! lol!!