About Me

Haha hi! I didn't really go into this page with a plan...

Well, I'm Kerry David! He/it pronouns and some more I'm apprehensive about telling random people, lest they get really weird about it (it's happened before). Trans man deluxe edition. Demisexual, aromantic, and really gay about it. Autistic and have a whole lot wrong with my brain (unrelated to the autism- well, except when it is- y'know). I'm out there! Even if I'm usually really small about it!

I read Homestuck (yes, you're allowed to roll your eyes) and started watching a particular streamer who no longer deserves to have their name in my mouth at a formative age, and I've been really fascinated by unique web-based storytelling & everything that goes into livestreaming ever since! Even if I struggle to have "the presence to pull these things off" sometimes, I don't mind- I just love getting immersed in the mediums. There's a lot that can be done better in these formats that anywhere else!

Much like other LGBT+ and/or neurdivergent creators, I'm really passionate re: making stuff about... being LGBT+ and/or neurodivergent. Also just discussing those things as well! I know I don't owe people the details on these things, especially the "nastier" parts of mental illness, but I wanna be like... a lighthouse. It's possible that I would've never known what was up with me if other people didn't step up and talk about it first. So, I don't mind being a little open. You shouldn't randomly expect this of others like me, don't let it get to your head, but I'm pretty willing to talk about most things on a good day. Maybe it'll help somebody out.

In less news about my work- here's a list of stuff I really like if you're curious! Probably perpetually in-progres.

AND FOLLOW MY TWITCH A purple-on-white blinkie with the Twitch logo to the left that reads 'orangecarnation'.

Now go play The World Ends With You if you for the DS. Right now do it go go ogogogogogogogo